Saturday, March 31, 2012

Best of the Bunch Award: March 2012

Best of the Bunch is a monthly meme that was started at Lyrical Reviews and is currently hosted at Always Lost in Stories. It gives bloggers the chance to share their absolute favorite book they read from the past month.

I really really suck at the whole “pick one” thing, so this month it’s a three-way tie for my favorite pick. I know, I know. But hey, more awesome books for you to check out! :D

My first pick is…..

Such a Rush
By Jennifer Echols

Why: Jennifer Echols is one of my favorite authors ever, and Such a Rush was absolutely amazing. Brother drama, fake relationships, sexual tension, and AIRPLANES. Now more than ever, I really want to be a pilot. I LOVE this book. My full review will be up closer to the release date.

My second pick…

Grave Mercy
By Robin LaFevers

Why: This is historical fantasy at its absolute finest. To convince you, here’s part of my review:
A map at the beginning of the book. Traveling primarily on horseback, with stops at inns and taverns along the way (serving wenches!).  A convent of assassin nuns. Swords. Poison. Bows and arrows. Castles. Secret tunnels in the walls of castles. Battles on horseback. Horns as communication in battle (I had SUCH a Lord of the Rings moment at one point *swoon*). ASSASSIN NUNS. Going undercover as a mistress. Court intrigue. Bracelet weapons. Poisoned pearls as decoration in hair. Chess. Did I mention the assassin nuns?

Are you swooning yet?”

You can read my full review here, and you should DEFINITELY pick up a copy of Grave Mercy when it releases on Tuesday!

And my third and final pick…

Saving June
By Hannah Harrington

Why: Grief, music, and a road trip all combine to make Saving June such an emotional, heartwarming, and smile-inducing read. And I have to mention the slow burn romance. Swooooooooonnnnn. I can’t believe I waited so long to read this. What is wrong with me?? My full review will be up soon!

What was your favorite book (or three?) from March? Share in the comments!


  1. Assassin nuns?! Okay, I HAVE to read this now! I have seen so many great reviews of Grave Mercy lately.
    I have Saving June on my kindle to read as well, and I think I definitely have to read it soon. =)
    Thanks for taking part in BOTB!

  2. i'm currebtly reading grave mercy thumbs uppp

  3. OH I I love the cover for Such a Rush! Happy to hear that the book is just as good as the cover :) And Grave Mercy sounds really good, too. I love well-written historical fiction!


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