Sunday, July 31, 2011

Harry Potter Wrap-Up

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I thought it fitting that I end my Harry Potter posts today, on July 31st, which is of course both Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s birthday.

So happy birthday, Harry! And happy birthday, Jo! I love you both so so much.

Thanks to all of you who have read my Harry Potter reread posts, I hope you enjoyed both revisiting each story with me and gaining a small insight into the insane lengths my mind can go to when it comes to these wonderful wonderful books. :)

I just have a few more things I want to share with you. First of all, my lovely companions throughout this process (and every time I read Harry Potter, actually):

I have quite a large bookmark collection, but I absolutely love these, especially the set of six. I’ve had them for so long I don’t even remember where they came from. <3

And also, I know there are many bands out there that are devoted to creating music inspired by Harry Potter, and I recently discovered one that I have now become obsessed with. They’re called Ministry of Magic and they currently have four albums out, all of which are available on iTunes. The songs they write are amazing, both in terms of lyrics and the music they use. I’ve had a medley of four or five of them stuck in my head for the past few days, but I’m not mad about it at all. They’re sooooo catchy.

My current favorite is ‘The Bravest Man I Ever Knew.’ To those of you who have been reading my posts and are aware of my tendency to fangirl over Snape, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you. :P

Check it out!

A few of my other favorites include Lily, Don’t Leave, and Accio Love. Listen to them and be in awe of these people with me.

Alright, well I suppose I’ve dragged on Harry Potter “week” for as long as I can without it being absolutely ridiculous. :P This is the end, folks. Except it’s never really the end, is it? Why, before you know it Pottermore will fully be here and then there will be all new Harry Potter stuff to gush over! Yay! (Also, today is the day when we get more information about how to get the chance to enter Pottermore early! I'm currently in the mountains somewhere so I can't go check it out, but you can find out here.)

I feel so lucky to have grown up in this Harry Potter generation. I can’t imagine that anything will come close to having this same scope of awesomeness anywhere in the near future. Long live Harry Potter!

Happy reading, everyone. :)

Mischief managed.

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