Sunday, January 20, 2008

Book Review: HORSE SHY by Bonnie Bryant

Horse Shy (The Saddle Club 2) by Bonnie Bryant

In HORSE SHY, the second book in the Saddle Club series, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa, finally get to go on the long-awaited Mountain Trail Overnight (or MTO). They have a great time, and things get even better for Carole when she gets back: she gets to care for Veronica’s stallion, Cobalt. Veronica may be snobby, but Cobalt is beautiful and Carole loves him.

Then there’s a tragic jumping accident and Cobalt is killed. Carole is devastated and swears that she’ll never ride again. It’s up to Lisa and Stevie to remind Carole how much she loves riding, and that life continues, maybe in ways that nobody expected.

HORSE SHY delves into deeper material than HORSE CRAZY, the first book in the series, with the death of a beloved horse, but Bryant still manages to keep it light for her readers, with a more than happy ending.

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