Monday, January 21, 2008

Book Review: LOVE UNDERCOVER by Jo Edwards

Love Undercover by Jo Edwards

Kaitlyn Nichols doesn't have your typical parents. Her father is a member of the FBI secret service and is often gone for long periods of time. Her mother is a sex (excuse me, "relationship") columnist, and her research frequently involves piles of thongs and condoms lying around the house. However, despite what one might think, her parents' work doesn't usually affect Kaitlyn too much. Until now.

Enter Blaine Donovan, AKA "Gordon," AKA the son of a Texas billionaire, AKA major hottie. Blaine's father is in the middle of a big business deal, and his rivals have started threatening the family. So, Kaitlyn's dad has put Blaine in the Witness Protection Program as Gordon Dennis Nichols, Kaitlyn's third-cousin who has come to live with her family and go to school with her for a few months. Now Kaitlyn is responsible for keeping Blaine safe and watching for anything suspicious. She brushes up on her spy tricks by watching Alias, The Bourne Identity, and James Bond, and she feels ready to handle anything that comes her way. But when she starts to fall for Blaine, she realizes that she's broken the number one rule of being a secret agent: she's gotten emotionally involved.

I've really enjoyed all the books in the Simon Romantic Comedies series, and LOVE UNDERCOVER is a great addition. The spy stuff doesn't overwhelm the book, but it's just enough to be fun, and Kaitlyn deals with problems that every teenager faces: liking the popular boy who doesn't know you exist, dealing with mean popular girls, and occasionally keeping secrets even from best friends. I definitely hope that Jo Edwards contributes more books to the Romantic Comedies series – and soon!

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