Monday, January 21, 2008

Book Review: TOURIST TRAP by Emma Harrison

Tourist Trap by Emma Harrison

Cassandra Grace and her best friends, twins Donna and Derek Policastro, have lived in Lake Logan, a tiny town in upstate New York, for their whole lives, and they're looking forward to spending their last summer before college together -- swimming at the lake, riding horses, and hanging out the Regency Theater, the old, run-down theater Donna and Derek's parents own. Cassie is also going to be busy working, giving horseback riding lessons at her parents' farm to the kids of the rich vacationers who spend the summers at Lake Logan, commonly known by the year-round locals as invaders. Cassie needs to make enough money for the entry fee of the jumper competition she plans to win with her horse, Lola, and she's determined that nothing is going to stop her from making that money and winning the competition.

Then Jared Kent shows up, son of the most infamous invader family (this is their first time back at Lake Logan in twenty years), and suddenly Cassie finds herself very distracted. She's skipping work and hang-out sessions with her friends in order to spend time with Jared, and she's definitely not making the money she needs. On top of that, Jared's father has made a proposition to the Lake Logan locals, one that has the whole town in an uproar and Cassie wondering whether she's making the right choice by being with Jared.

A story of first love, life changes, and just plain fitting in, TOURIST TRAP is a fun, light read, and teenagers, especially those getting ready to go off to college, will definitely be able to relate.

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